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Inside Car Interior Design. Decorating car interior is made easier with led mood lightings. You can have led light strips to stick on the edges of the dashboard, door handle, or under the seats to illuminate your car from inside.

Basic Elements of Car Interior Design
Basic Elements of Car Interior Design from

Car interior design refers to the looks and placement of the features inside a vehicle. The navigator is the perfect vehicle for moving people or towing things in total comfort, and a lot of that has to do with. We design, make and fit unique styling packs, accessories and jawellery for cars, airplanes, and boats.

Basic Elements of Car Interior Design

The customer wants more of everything: Car companies have a head interior designer that manages a team of people that follows the head designer's concept to complete the inside of a vehicle. 2011 pagani huayra custom interior car design. When it comes to interior design, car interior design is usually far from being the first thing.but since we sometimes spend as much time in cars as at home, the interior of your car can be a very significant factor.